DCE Hardware/Software Interface Document (DCE HW/SW IFD)

Executive Summary of the DCE HW/SW IFD Development Plan

Summary written on 12/16/1999
Updated on 9/19/2000

The DCE Hardware/Software Interface Document (hereafter DCE HW/SW IFD) defines the bit level HW/SW interface definitions needed for the creation and maintenance of the DCE flight software. Because of the COS Flight Software Team's experiences with the development of the DCE Software Design Document (DCE SDD), core team members from BATC, GSFC, CU and UCB decided that producing the DCE HW/SW IFD would be accomplished most efficiently in the same fashion as the DCE SDD - i.e., experienced engineers from the HST Team will develop the DCE HW/SW IFD - with direct input from UCB.

On 12/16/1999 - Grant Blue, Rich Brewster, Rob Lampereur, and Ken Brownsberger met at BATC and laid out a plan for producing the DCE HW/SW IFD. Rich Brewster has agreed to take the lead in generating the document with help from CU and UCB. Follow-up conversations and emails to Don Hood and John Andrews, and a call to Barry Welsh at UCB, have confirmed that - so far - all parties agree to the basic plan for producing the DCE HW/SW IFD, as described below.

In July, 2000 - Rich Brewster left the COS program to take a new position at BATC. A replacement lead for the DCE HW/SW IFD has not been found as of September, 2000. Consequently, completion of this document is languishing until additional resources are allocated - or until those individuals currently working on the DCE FSW effort - who are capable of completing this document - have time available to devote to this task.

Summary of the DCE HW/SW IFD Development Plan:

  1. Draft DCE HW/SW IFD - based on ACS format and currently known DCE HW/SW interfaces - to be written by 1/7/2000. (Rich) - Done
  2. Draft document to be released on 1/11/2000 for review by UCB. (Rich/Ken) - Done
  3. Preliminary Discussion with UCB on 1/21/2000 regarding format and content of DCE HW/SW IFD. (Ken/Daniel) - Done
  4. Updated draft document released on 2/3/2000 for review by UCB. (Rich/Ken) - Done
  5. UCB to deliver redlines of Draft DCE HW/SW IFD by 2/17/2000. (UCB) - Done
  6. Updated DCE Memory Map information delivered to Rich Brewster (Ken) - Done
  7. UCB redlines and new Material incorporated into DCE HW/SW IFD. (TBD)
  8. DCE HW/SW IFD released for review by UCB, BATC, CU and GSFC. (TBD)
  9. Maintain and revise DCE HW/SW IFD - as required. (TBD)

DCE Hardware/Software Interface Document

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