DCE Software Design Document (DCE SDD)

Executive Summary of the DCE SDD Development Plan

Last Updated on 12/4/2000

Information on DCE FSW Development Change

  1. See webpages on History of DCE SDD development for information prior to August, 2000.
  2. In August 2000, a decision was made to bifurcate DCE FSW development into BOOT Code - to be developed by Will Clement, and OPERATE Code - which would continue to be developed at UCB. In September and October there were a series of telecons and reviews to walk through the new BOOT Code design. See the following website for details: DCE BOOT Code.
  3. In October 2000, DCE OPERATE Code responsibilities were also transitioned to WIll Clement. See the following website for details: DCE OPERATE Code.
  4. DCE BOOT and OPERATE FSW both follow a similar structure to the original DCE FSW design - but are also significantly different enough that the DCE Software Design Document is woefully out of date.
  5. Because of the tight schedule for this 'new' DCE FSW approach - the decision was made to review and test the code as thoroughly as possible, and later - revise the DCE Software Design Document to match the new code.

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