Prompt / Edit Session

The user has the option of stoping the IDL session at any time when running CEDAR with this option. All of the COMMON blocks defined in the various CEDAR tools are made available to the user for examination, ploting or editing.
Once this option is selected, the user has to type HELP at the IDL prompt to find out what variables and data are available.
To continue the session, simply type .continue at the IDL prompt.
WARNING: Any changes made to the data, especially changing the datatype or deleting a structure, can have some unforseen effects when the session is resumed.

DataBase Entry Header, COMMON blocks and Source Code

Save Session

The current status of a CEDAR session can be saved at any time by the user. Choosing this option will bring up a file selection pop up window where the user either types in or clicks on an existing filename into which the data from the COMMON blocks will be saved.
This might be useful for saving a particular data set viewed in a specific way. This data set could easily be restored later on for a quit demonstartion or for continued analysis.

DataBase Entry Header, COMMON blocks and Source Code

Restore Session

A previously saved CEDAR session can easily be restored at a later time with this option. Most of the tools that were displayed at the time the session was saved will be restored to the same state with the same data loaded. At the time of this writing this included