CEDAR Database Entry

This tool is called from CEDAR to add new entries in the cosdb database which is used to keep track of data taken during the testing of COS.

The user first builds a list of files to be added to the database by "Selecting" them from the popup file selection tool. Once a file is included in the list, it can easily be removed by highlighting it and pressing the "Remove" button. The whole list can be emptied with the "Clear" button. Once the list is correct, the user can then add the files to the database.

When clicking on the "Add to DB" button, the program loops through the list and if a file is of Science Data type, a FITS file is automatically generated and deposited in the proper FITS directory (as defined by the environment variable CEDAR_FITS_ROOT). The other types of files are not converted. The different fields defining the database entry for a specific file are built from the content of the data file and its associated telemetry data.

The user has the option of adding a single comment in the databse/FITS header for every file added to the database.

A progress meter pops up when the entries are being added to the database and the user has the option of stopping the tools at any time. If an entry already exists in the database, a warning will appear in the IDL window and the original entry will be left intact (no duplicate entries).

A log of the status of the database entries for every file is written to the log file pointed to by the environment variable CEDAR_LOG_FILE. The name of this file can be changed using the Properties button of the CEDAR main interface.

DataBase Entry Header and Source Code