Number Title Status Filename Date Last Name First Name
CASA-COS-1000 COS Grating Substrate G130M, G160M Revision A CASA-COS-1000revA.dwf 11/2/1998 Wilkinson Erik
CASA-COS-1001 COS Grating Substrate G140L Revision B CASA-COS-1001revB.dwf 8/8/2000 Wilkinson Erik
CASA-COS-1002 Part of COS-08-002 Document Initial Release CASA-COS-1002.dwf 11/12/1998 Wilkinson Erik
CASA-COS-1003 Part of COS-08-002 Document Initial Release CASA-COS-1003.dwf 11/12/1998 Wilkinson Erik
CASA-COS-1004 Part of COS-08-002 Document Revision A CASA-COS-1004revA.dwf 3/1/2000 Wilkinson Erik
CASA-COS-1005 Substrate, NCM1 Correcting Mirror Revision A CASA-COS-1005revA.dwf 8/8/2000 Wilkinson Erik
CASA-COS-1006 Substrate, NCM2 Correcting Mirror Revision E CASA-COS-1006revE.dwf 8/8/2000 Wilkinson Erik
CASA-COS-1007 Substrate, NCM3A Camera Mirror Revision F CASA-COS-1007revF.dwf 8/8/2000 Wilkinson Erik
CASA-COS-1008 Substrate, NCM3B Camera Mirror Revision F CASA-COS-1008revF.dwf 8/8/2000 Wilkinson Erik
CASA-COS-1009 Substrate, NCM3C Camera Mirror Revision F CASA-COS-1009revF.dwf 8/8/2000 Wilkinson Erik
CASA-COS-1010 Substrate, NUV Gratings Revision C CASA-COS-1010revC.dwf 9/5/2001 Wilkinson Erik
CASA-COS-1011 TA1 Mirror Substrate Revision B CASA-COS-1011revB.dwf 8/8/2000 Wilkinson Erik

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