TAACOS Development Schedule

Schedule Updated - 10/3/2000

Notes on TAACOS Development:

Current TAACOS Development Schedule (Build I):

FUV Detector:

  1. IRT in IDL for FUV - 1 Grating/1 Setup
  2. IRT Interface
  3. Photon Source Generator
  4. Efficiency Simulator
  5. FUV Detector Imaging
  6. Target Acquisition Logic
  7. Target Acquisition Evaluation Tools
  8. HST Slewer
  9. Build I Target Acquisition Simulation Code for FUV Detector completed on 3/22/2000. - Done
  10. Build I TA Simulation Runs for FUV Detector - Done
  11. Optimization of "stock" algorithm parameters - Done
  12. Refine "Dispersion Axis Peakup" Testing - Done
  13. Prepare Build I FUV Detector TAACOS Report - Done
  14. Build I "Run-off" between seven TA scenarios - Done
  15. Build I TA "Initial Error" vs. TA Requirement - Radial Scan - Done
  16. Draft of TAACOS Build I FUV Report Issued on 5/25/2000. - Done
  17. TAACOS Build I FUV Report issued for signatures on 6/27/2000. - Done
  18. TAACOS Build I FUV Report signed-off and released 7/6/2000. - Done
  19. Additional FUV Tests comparing various thresholding schemes for TS/PKD Phase - Done
  20. Write FUV "Thresholding" Test Report - Done
  21. Verify Deterium Lamp Spectra for FUV and NUV Channels - Done

    NUV Detector:

  22. IRT in IDL for NUV - All NUV Grating
  23. NUV Detector Imaging
  24. HST Slewer Logic
  25. TA1 Imaging
  26. Target Acquisition Testing for NUV Detector
  27. Prepare Build I NUV Detector TAACOS Report
  28. TAACOS Build I NUV Report Issued on 10/3/2000. - Done
  29. Final Report outlining recommend TA FSW and Operations Changes Issued on 10/3/2000. - Done

TAACOS Enhancement (Build II):

TAACOS Build II will be developed, on an "as-needed" basis, to support multiple optics positions for all gratings on FUV and NUV channels, to support the Bright Object Aperature (BOA), and to support a variety of detector imaging "artifacts". In addition, TAACOS Build II will be used to perform TA simulations on a variety of diffenent sources - including faint and bright sources, extended objects, and multiple sources in the FOV. Total Time Estimate for Build II Development and Test - approximately 3 months.

  1. IRT in IDL for NUV/FUV - All Gratings/Multiple Setups (2 days)
  2. Photon Source Generator (11 days)
  3. Detector Imaging (10 days)
  4. Target Acquisition Logic (5 days)
  5. Build II Target Acquisition Simulation Testing (30 days)
  6. TAACOS Build II Report Issued.