DCE Software Test Plan

Executive Summary of DCE Software Test Plan Development

Summary written on 1/15/2000
Updated on 3/21/2001

The DCE Software Test Plan (STP) is the top-level document that establishes both "Unit" level tests, and the Formal Qualification Test (FQT) of the DCE Flight Software. This STP establishes and governs the approach for verifying DCE Computer Software Components (CSCs), and their compliance with flight software requirements - as set forth in the DCE FSW Requirements Document (COS-UCB-004) and the DCE Software Design Document (COS-UCB-009).

DCE Software Test Plan Development:

  1. Discuss Philosophy and Schedule for DCE STP on 1/21/2000. (Ellen/Ken/Geoff) - Done
  2. Review existing DCE Software Documentation by 1/28/2000. (Ellen) - Done
  3. Review existing HST Test Plan Documentation by 1/28/2000. (Ellen/Ken) - Done
  4. Review existing UCB Test Plans by 1/28/2000. (Ellen/Ken) - Done
  5. Prepare Draft Outline of DCE STP - to be written by 2/2/2000. (Ellen) - Done
  6. Distribute Draft Outline for Discussion on 2/2/2000. (Ellen/Ken) - Done
  7. Review Draft Outline via Telecon on 2/4/2000. (Ellen/Ken/Geoff/Daniel) - Done
  8. Modify Outline based on Discussions/Redlines by 2/11/2000. (Ellen) - Done
  9. Prepare Draft STP - to be written by 2/22/2000. (Ellen) - Done
  10. Distribute Draft STP for Discussion on 2/22/2000. (Ellen/Ken) - Done
  11. Review Draft STP at UCB on 2/23/2000. (Ellen/Ken/Geoff/Daniel) - Done
  12. Modify Draft STP based on Discussions/Redlines - to be completed by 3/6/2000. (Ellen) - Done
  13. Release updated STP for review on 3/6/2000. (Ellen/Ken) - Done
  14. Review updated STP and provide redlines/comments by 3/9/2000. (Ellen/Ken/Geoff) - Done
  15. Incorporate redlines/comments by 3/22/2000 (Ellen) - Done
  16. Release Draft of DCE STP for review by UCB/CU/BATC on 4/7/2000. (Ellen/Ken) - Done
  17. Review Draft of STP and provide redlines/comments. (UCB/CU) - Done
  18. Rewrite STP - incorporate new test tools / test environment into plan. (Tim) - Done
  19. Release new STP for internal review by UCB/CU (Tim) - Done
  20. Released by UCB - Done

DCE Software Test Plan

Released version of the DCE STP (COS-UCB-008)

Contact Chris Scholz if you have questions about the DCE Software Test Plan.

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