DCE Flight Software Requirements Document (DCE SRD)

Executive Summary of the DCE SRD Development Plan

Summary written on 1/15/2000

The DCE Software Requirements Document (DCE SRD) was written by Daniel Blackman. It was reviewed by UCB, CU, BATC, STScI, and GSFC during the Spring and Summer of 1999. Revisions were made by Daniel in the Summer of 1999. The 'Initial Release' was distributed for signatures on August 26, 1999 - and signed off by all Reviewers on September 14, 1999.

DCE Software Requirements Document Development:

  1. DCE SRD - Released for Signatures on 8/26/1999. (UCB) - Done
  2. DCE SRD - Signed-Off on 9/14/1999. (UCB/CU/BATC) - Done

DCE Flight Software Requirements Document

Released version of the DCE SRD (COS-UCB-004) - Distributed 8/26/1999

Contact Chris Scholz if you have questions about the DCE Flight Software Requirements Document.

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