Action # 8: Impact of implementation of Boot and Operate Code

The existing DCE FSW implementation requires one set of 8051 code that peforms both Boot and Operate functions. This code already exists in its version 0 form for HST-COS and has already undergone some limited testing with a proto-type version of the COS DCE I/F board. It is based heavily on FUSE code and operations heritage and is very similar to that already implemented and tested successfully for the GALEX program.

To change this FSW design into 2 separate code images will have a definite negative impact on both deterctor delivery schedule and budget. The following is an attempt to quantify these impacts at UCB. Clearly implementing 2 sets of code will also impact subsequent testing at BATC and GSFC. For UCB :

Tasks prior to Detector System Performance verification

Code Design/Documentation: 2 weeks Dan Blackman

Code Writing: 1 week Dan Blackman

Code Testing with DCE: 3 weeks Dan Blackman

CM & maintenance for new code: 2 week (distributed) Dan Blackman


Tasks during System Performance Verification

Code Verification during T-V testing: 1 extra week of schedule

Code Verification during Long Functionals: 1 extra week (distributed)

Approximate Schedule Hit to Delivery date: 8 weeks + 2 weeks = 10weeks

However, note that:

  1. DB only works 75% time prior to performance testing so this estimate is very optimistic
  2. This work can only be performed serially and thus will hold-up DCE test and implementation with the flight detector system

Budget Addition: 2.5 months (full team) @ $150K/month = $300K

(assumes 13.5 man months/month, benefits, S & E + overhead)