COS DCE Code Walk-Thru II

Date: July 27-28, 2000
Time: 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Location: Ball Aerospace
1600 Commerce St.
Boulder, CO 80301

FA-3, SW Conference Room

Contact: Dr. Ken Brownsberger
Phone: (303) 492-3610
Pager: (888) 605-2451
Fax: (303) 492-5941

COS DCE Code Walk-Thru Materials and Information

Agenda for DCE Code Walk-Thru II

  1. Commands:
    • LFDNOOP (No-Op)
    • LFDHKREQ (Send HSK Packet)
    • LFDDIAGC (Clear Diagnostic Code Stack)
    • LFDUPLOD (Process Memory Upload)
    • LFDDNLOD (Download Memory Block)
    • LFDCOPY (DCE Memory Copy)
    • LFDJMPCS (Jump to Upper/Lower Code Area)
    • LFDGOTO (Jump to specified address)
    • LFDMADDR (Set DCE Memory Monitor)
    • LFDRSETP (Initiate 'Power-On' Reset)
    • LFDRSETW (Initiate Watchdog Reset)
    • LFDWDOG (Watchdog Timer Enable/Disable)
    • LFDCRC (Calculate CRC)
    • LFGSTIM (Stim Pulse Control)
    • LFGBWK (Digitizer Begin Walk Adjust)
    • LFGEWK (Digitizer End Walk Adjust)
    • LFGLQT (Digitizer Lower Charge Threshold)
    • LFGUQT (Digitizer Upper Charge Threshold)
    • LFGTT (Digitizer Timing Threshold)
    • LFGSHF (Digitizer Image Shift)
    • LFGSTR (Digitizer Image Stretch)
    • LFRILIM (Set AUX PWR Current Limit)
    • LFRMENA (Door Motor Enable)
    • LFRMDIR (Set Door Direction
    • LFRACTEN (Door Actuator Enable/Disable)
    • LFRACT1 (Actuator 1 ON/OFF)
    • LFRACT2 (Actuator 2 ON/OFF)
    • LFRACTRS (Actuator Reset)
    • LFRLSOVD (Override Door Endswitch Protection)

Time Permitting: Preview the following Code

  1. Reset/Initialization
  2. CMD Traffic ISR
  3. Timer Tick ISR
  4. CMD Handler Task
    • CMD Reception Sub-Task
    • CMD Processing Sub-Task
  5. HSK Task
    • Collect Counter Data Sub-Task
    • Send HSK Data Sub-Task
  6. Background Built-In Task
  7. CRC Checking Task
  8. Error/Diagnostic Reporting Function
  9. Door Task
    • Door Timer Sub-Task
    • Actuator Latch Checking Sub-Task

* Re-review this material from Code Walk-Thru I

DCE Code Action Items (AI)

Action Items

DCE Code Walk-Thru Materials

Updated DCE Code Materials - V17065 (ZIP)
Updated: 7/24/2000
INDEX file for locating COMMANDS in DCE Code V17065 (PDF)
DCE Code Materials - V17055 (ZIP)
Dated: 7/17/2000
INDEX file for locating COMMANDS in DCE Code V17055 (PDF)
README file on DCE FSW Code Organization (PDF)
DCE FSW Requirements Document (PDF)
DCE FSW Design Document - Draft (PDF)

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